Winter tours

the dragon above fagaras land

Winter tours

Some agencies organize these tours sometimes, without considering weather which is a major fact....they always come back without finishing it. I advise to start with small peaks, about 2000-2200 for first tracks, then, if you succeed, try the rest! Fog is very dangerous, you may start with good weather, and this can change in 2 hours, there is no weather forecast exact for those heights! The lack of refugees is also dangerous, consider that you may have 2 hours between fogs, and no refugee for next 5.

There are still some very lucky which catch very good weather and succeed to the highest peaks....but is not only weather a condition, also a good psysical (marathon trails), good equipment and courage! You must take into account that you might not come back! Anyway very good psysical condition is a request, we do not take anybody to the highest untill we test on smaller peaks.You must also be able to run on snow and ..take into account that going down is very difficult and slow in winter, therefore when climb nobody should waiste a minute! You cannot do skiing everywhere, since this is the main factor for triggering the avalanche!


As a difference from other mountains, here is snowing much more starting with november! When the first snow comes, generally takes one week to stop; after, the whole ridge is fully covered, summer path are nowhere...

Days for tours

The best days for climb are the coldest sunny ones; lucky for us, year 2017 gives us some snow in the mountains from 1400 up in the middle april; in old times, winter was heavy from november till april, now is quite random, but snowing in april it is a good sign...hope it snows till end of may at least, this is great for the environment.We do not doubt that global warming is a satelite thing made to get us 2 harvests/year, but we are glad to see that nature is stronger then their number and hunger!

That s a normal day up there

One might say that comparing Fagaras with Alps is farfetched, the Alps have glaciers, Carpathians does not, not yet, but imagine that snow is more unstable here then there; that is why wilderness is still a fact in Fagaras. Winter view over Fagaras is a monument of pleasure and relax! In the pic above you can see an old avalanche, and when it was taken, there were some fresh bear paws too. They climb high lately, you know the reason, was listed in the other pages.