Summer tours in Fagaras

When sun is sunsetting, the ridge is even more beautifull

Choose a path

Since we talk here about the biggest and compact group from Romania, imagine that paths are many...we'll put here only a few, without detailed description, since only a guide that climbed them at least 5 times can do them again in night without mark too


  • Balac Lake - Latei Peak - Caltun Lake - Negoiu Peak (6-8h)
  • Negoiu Chalet - Negoiu Peak (2-3h)
  • Balac Lake - Capra Lake - "3 steps from death" ridge (2-3h)
  • Sambata de Sus Chalet - Moldoveanu Peak 6-7h
  • Balac Lake - Podagru Chalet - Moldoveau Peak 7-9h fast
  • and many others in the forests

Summer tours in Fagaras

In all our mountains, as a difference from abroad where you are not allowed 50m from chalet without a guide (Swiss), here you can wander alone as much as you want, paths are quite marked; in summer is impossible to get lost on the peaks with good weather, but for bad weather a guide is a condition, since bad weather is often in Fagaras.

Paths start from the chalets....and they are many; as a general characteristic, chalets are about 1600-1700m, some even higher 2000m; many are also closed in winter - those from east side from 2000m; refugees are few compared to the lenght of the ridge; if you want to reach Moldoveanu peak from east, there is only one refugee under it; going west from it, there are 2 chalets, one higher Podagru (2000m opened summer), one bellow Turnuri; from Moldoveanu to first chalet you make many hours, as well as from this to next one; so as a general characteristic is that good weather is very important; when is raining, it is also ice coming down big, with the best equipment, you still get soaked, you need a bag very well covered from rain where you keep you change; taking into consideration there might be more then one, consider a heavy sack as well, not only a long route.On the route to Moldoveanu Peak is always raining at least once/day!


Many glaciar lakes can be found at 2000m; the nearest one to reach is Capra Lake (45min from nearest chalet); if you wanna explore more, you will see that every big valley has one; you are not allowed to swimm in any, some years ago few men could because water was very cold, now they boil in summer time, and is easy to get into, but penalty is big if they catch you. There are some spots (few) where you are allowed with tents too.No garbage should be left behind, for this penalty is very big.Lakes should have some fish too, we've never seen any, but we've seen a lot of ships everywhere in the mountains. ...and dogs too!

what is worrying

DEFORESTATION is a huge problem here and I do not believe Europe wants to protect our forests since austrian companies did the biggest deforestation so far; wild habitat is restricting, so wild animals are very hungry and attacking.Another big problem is changing small river water course, with severe consequences upon habitats.